Nipple Balm
Nipple Balm
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Nipple Balm

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Soothe, heal and nourish sore or cracked nipples with our 100% natural, vegan friendly, Lanolin free, nipple balm. Made from organically sourced, plant based ingredients. Therefore no need to wipe or wash off prior to nursing. 

Soft and gentle to apply to tender skin. Our pump bottle system makes application easy.  

Apply a small amount of balm as often as you need to each nipple. Recommended after every breastfeed.  

Ingredients: Calendula and Chamomile oil, *extra virgin Olive oil, Olive butter, Marshmallow root. Vitamin E.  *Certified Organic ingredients

  • No Lanolin
  • No Bees Wax
  • No Nut oils
  • No Gluten 

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