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New Mum and Baby Gift Box

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New Mum & Baby Gift Box

Introducing Natures Touch NEW Mum and Baby Gift Box

This thoughtfully curated gift box is designed to cater to the unique needs of Mum and Baby, providing them with the support and tender loving care they deserve in the days and weeks post birth. Made from the purest natural ingredients that are effective, yet gentle on the most delicate and sensitive of skins.

Our Mum and Baby Care Gift Box is the ultimate companion and solution to soothe, nurture and protect.  Making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, this box celebrates the beautiful journey of motherhood while providing tender care for you and your little bundle of joy. 

The following products are presented in the Gift Box with card. Please feel any personal message in the order comments to be added to the gift card

Relief Spray (50ml)This birth bag essential, provides rapid relief to your sore, swollen or bruised perineal skin post birth.

Relief Spray is safe to use in the hours and days post birth, even if you've required stitches, to reduce swelling, soothe pain and support skin repair.  It comes ready to use, with no mixing or preparation. Application is super easy with our convenient inverted spray bottle system. 

Nipple Balm (15ml): Whether you're a new mom, a breastfeeding veteran, or simply looking for a natural skincare solution to restore sore or cracked nipples, our nipple balm is the perfect choice.

Made with a blend of nourishing plant based ingredients known for their soothing properties to alleviate cracking, dryness or itching. All ingredients are edible so there is no need to wash off prior to feeding. 

Baby Massage Oil (50ml): Nothing compares to the joy of baby massage, which not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also aids in the healthy development of your little one's delicate skin. Our Baby Massage Oil is a pure and gentle blend of natural, nut free oils, specifically crafted to nourish your baby's delicate skin. This non-greasy formula absorbs effortlessly, leaving your baby's skin feeling soft, supple, and beautifully moisturized after every loving massage.

Baby Wash (150ml): Bath time is a cherished ritual for babies, and Natures Touch Baby Wash turns this ordinary experience into a luxurious affair.  Our mild formular gently cleanses your baby's sensitive skin without drying or removing natural oils, protecting and supporting the natural development of your babies skin without causing any irritation. Delicate and safe, this Baby Wash is a gentle embrace that leaves your little one feeling fresh, clean, and cared for. Made from natural, plant based ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. Recommended use from 3 months of age. 

Botty Balm (60g)Natures Touch Botty Balm is an all-natural, gentle, and effective solution specifically designed to soothe and protect your little one's delicate skin from irritations including nappy rash. Crafted with love and care, this premium balm harnesses the power of nature's finest ingredients to create a soothing barrier, keeping your baby's bottom soft, smooth, and rash-free.  Our nut free oils are gently infused with Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile, renowned for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to make nappy time a happy time!

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