Q. Are Natures Touch products safe for pregnant mother.
A. Yes - Although some essential oils should be avoided when pregnant, all of our products have been formulated with pregnancy safe oils.  Please use as directed.

Q. Can I use Natures Touch baby products on my new born.
A. Yes - All baby products have been formulated with oils that are gentle on a newborn's skin.  If using baby massage oil avoid eye area.

Q. When can I start using the Birth support Massage oil.
ARecommended to use from your due date or once labour has established.

Q. How do I store Natured Touch Products
A. Products are best stored in a cool dark place such as a cupboard or draw not in direct sunlight on a window sill.

Q Do I need to wash off the Nipple Balm before nursing
A No - all ingredients are 100% natural and edible. Free from lanolin and nut oils. Therefore safe for you and your baby

Q Are your products really 100% natural
A Yes -  We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. Inspired by nature. All our ingredient are 100% natural and listed so you know exactly what each product contains

Q. Do your products contain artificial colours or fragrances
A. No - All products are 100% natural, containing no harsh chemical, preservatives or artificial colours or fragrances  

Q. Does the nipple balm contain Lanolin
A. No - Although lanolin based creams can be effective we choose not to include it in our nipple balm as there have been some concerns about exposure to traces of pesticides and wool allergies.  

Q. Can I use the Botty Balm with Cloth nappies
A. Totally. Botty balm can be used with both cloth and disposable nappies.

Q. Is my balm suppose to contain specks.
A. Sometimes in colder weather balms may have specks and appear firmer. This is due to the wax or butter ingredient that solidifies  in cooler temperatures.  As soon as it is in contact with warm skin specks will soften and disappear.

Q. Are Natures Touch products tested on animals
A. Absolutely not. All products are cruelty free and have been tested on voluntary humans. Most products are suitable for vegans, with the exception of botty and belly balm which contain bees wax.

Q. What if I’m allergic to natural ingredients
A. All ingredients are listed on our website.  We advise you perform a small patch test prior to using any new product.

Q. Do you use preservatives
A. No  -  We choose not to add water to any of our massage oils or balms so that we can stay preservative free.

Q. How long will my product keep once open.
A. We use only natural ingredients with no added preservatives. If stored correctly (in a cool , dark place) Your products will keep for a minimum of 6 month once opened.