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In the days following childbirth, new mums deserve some tender loving care. Especially  to those delicate areas. 

These natural, practical products will soothe and support new mums following child-birth into the postnatal period. A practical maternity leave or baby shower gift set that any new mum will love you for.

Please stipulate in order comments if you'd like the free gift box option. 

Relief perineal spray -  Our best selling product will soothe your tender, bruised or swollen perineum post birth.   

Following childbirth you may or may not have stitches. However most women will experience some form of discomfort due to bruising and stretching of the skin. Witch hazel and lavender helps reduce swelling and the healing process.  

Nipple Balm (50ml) & FREE reusable breast pad set  -  Alleviate the pain and discomforts associated with breastfeeding with our 100% natural, vegan friendly nipple balm. Safe, edible, plant based ingredients so no need to wash off prior to nursing. (Breast pad design may differ from image shown).

Energise Pulse point - Feeling fatigued or in need of an energy boost? Look no further than this amazing pulse point. Energise will boost mental clarity and help you stay focused.