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Is your due date fast approaching? Let us support your labour and birth with three practical, all natural products to assist contractions, relaxation and recovery. 

Birth Support Massage Oil - 50mls

A beautiful clary sage blend will naturally encourage contractions and provide physical, emotional and mental support in preparation for birth. Get your partner to massage oil over your back, abdomen, ankles and feet during labour or between contraction.   

Harmony Pulse Point - 10mls 

This roll-on pulse point helps to calm nerves and anxiety, reduce tension and boost energy.   Use on days when you're feeling anxious or from the onset of labour on wrists and temples or simply inhale from the bottle.   

Relief perineal spray - 50mls

One of our best selling products.  Following childbirth most women will experience some form of pain and discomfort due to bruising and stretching of perineal skin. Lavender, witch hazel and tea tree will soothe, calm and reduce swelling, whilst assisting in the healing process.  Our clever inverted bottle allows easy application as required.