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Perineal Care | Duo

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Whether you're looking for pre-birth perineal preparation or post-birth relief and healing.  We've got you covered with our Perineal Care Duo. 

Perineal massage oil - Use from 34 weeks to help improve perineal lexibility in preparation for childbirth. Left over oil can be used as a body massage oil for you or baby. 

Ingredients: Calendula oil, *Sunflower oil, * Evening Primrose oil, *Apricot kernel oil, Rosehip oil, Vitamin E  * Certified Organic ingredients. 

Perineal Relief spray -  Use post delivery to soothe, calm and reduce perineal swelling whilst aiding the healing process. Spray directly onto the affected area as required with a clever inverted bottle for easy application.Or make pre birth padsicles. 

Relief spray can also be used on swollen painful haemorrhoids. spray RELIEF onto cotton balls, place them in a zip lock bag and store in the fridge. Place a cooled, soaked cotton ball on the haemarrhoid as required. 

Ingredients: * Witch Hazel, New Zealand Lavender hydrosol, New Zealand Tea Tree hydrosol.  *Certified Organic ingredients

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