Nappy Rash

Nappy Rash

Most babies get some form of skin irritation or nappy rash at some stage. This can be associated with thrush, antibiotic use or allergic reaction. Wet and dirty nappies can rub and irritate delicate skin on your baby’s bottom and genital area. Often their skin appears hot, red and sore with blisters. 

It can be more prevalent around 9-12 months, often associated with teething. Excess saliva, that can also cause dribble rash, is swallowed which can lead to softer bowel movements (poo) and sometimes diarrhea. An increase in bowel frequency and more skin contact can lead to skin irritation and / or nappy rash. Another school of thought is that as babies become more active around this time, their nappies rub and chaff, causing friction against their skin and further irritation.  

Things that can help:

Change your baby’s nappy frequently, as soon as dirty if possible. Use non chemical wipes such as reusable terry wipes or water wipes. Allow your baby as much 'nappy free' time as possible. Apply a natural balm or cream to provide a protective barrier to keep wee and poo directly off the skin. 

Mums all over New Zealand love using our Botty Balm because it naturally calms and soothes irritated skin, whilst providing a protective barrier to fight nappy rash.

We gently infuse, nut free oils with Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile, renowned for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to make nappy time a happy time!

Not just a botty balm, alternative uses

  • Rub into cuticles and dry hands, 
  • Hydrate dry elbows,  heals and knees
  • Nourishing Lip balm
  • Soothes Skin irritations and insect bites

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